September 21, 2020

Microsoft explains why much Windows 10 pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled directly

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Like most operating systems, Windows 10 also has much pre-installed software, and most pre-installed software, especially software developed by Microsoft, cannot be uninstalled.

Of course, if we are managing permissions and using certain tools, we can call PowerShell to uninstall, provided that we have high enough permissions.

Software that cannot be uninstalled includes Your Phone app and Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft recently updated the document explaining why many applications do not support uninstallation.

Microsoft said that most of the software after uninstallation will basically not affect the user’s use, and users can also download and install this software through Microsoft Store to continue using it.

Your Phone music control

However, some applications do not support users to uninstall directly, but professional users can use some command lines to force uninstall these applications.

So why not allow users to uninstall certain applications directly? The reason is that some applications are important parts of Windows 10 and cannot be uninstalled.

For example, the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser does not support normal uninstallation. Microsoft said that many basic services currently call the browser to complete function operations.

For example, some login gateways and payment functions will be paralyzed without a browser, because the new browser has been set by Microsoft as the default browser for system services.

Microsoft claims that the interactive content of Windows 10 is much more complicated than it was at the beginning, so most applications that involve system and user interaction cannot be uninstalled.

Via: windowslatest