November 26, 2020

Microsoft Edge supports history synchronization and open tabs across devices

2 min read

History synchronization is a feature that many users urgently need because sometimes they need to find the previous browser tabs when using computers in the office and at home.

After so long after the launch of the Microsoft browser, the history synchronization function has finally arrived, and now beta users can turn on the history function in the personal data synchronization.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft has also enhanced this feature so that users can not only synchronize browsing records across devices but also support checking and opening recently viewed tabs.

The historical record is mainly to organize the user’s browsing record according to the timeline, and opening the recently browsed tab is an enhancement in the historical record function.

For example, when you close your browser and computer after get off work and go home, there will be a recently opened tab in the browser history, which is the page opened in the office.

This allows users to continue browsing the previously closed pages after they go home. At present, this function supports the display of the recently opened 25 tabs and can be directly restored. If you need to find more browsed pages, then manually retrieve them from the historical record.

“The new history menu also includes all your favorite features from the history page, and you can clear your browsing history via the history menu. If you’d prefer a more immersive view of your history, simply select Manage history in the history menu or type edge://history in your address bar.”