Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Microsoft Edge crash problem is suspected to be related to Google search

1 min read

According to official Microsoft news, an unexpected crash may occur in the Microsoft Edge browser, which seems to be related to the search predictions of Google Search.

The specific problem is that when the user enters any character in the address bar, the browser will crash, even after it is closed and restarted, it will still crash and cannot be used normally.

Microsoft said that when a user enters any characters in the address bar, these characters will be sent to Google servers by default and then Google will perform search predictions.

The temporary solution given by Microsoft is that users go to the browser settings and switch the search engine to the default Microsoft Bing search or other search providers.

After switching the search engine, the crash problem will no longer occur. Of course, the user can also temporarily disable the search term prediction function in the search settings. After closing, typing characters will not be sent to Google for prediction temporarily, this can also solve the crash problem.

You go to the edge://settings/search setting and turn off the Search Suggestions option.

Via: techdows