Microsoft Edge accused of stealing data from Google Chrome

Recently, Microsoft Edge has been embroiled in multiple controversies and criticisms, particularly for actions perceived as user-hostile, including allegations of data theft from other browsers like Google Chrome. Users allege that Edge unauthorisedly imports open tabs and other information from Chrome.

The issue centers on Edge’s feature allowing automatic data import from Chrome, including open tabs, history, and bookmarks. During initial setup, Edge suggests synchronizing with other browsers to ease the transition from Chrome or Firefox. This option, usually disabled by default, is also available in settings. Intriguingly, during Windows 10’s initial setup, Microsoft prompts for permission to transfer data through a cunningly crafted window.

However, it’s claimed that Edge disregards user choice and copies data from Chrome, even if not permitted. The Verge’s senior editor Tom Warren asserts that recent Windows updates made Edge transfer his Chrome tabs unauthorisedly on two devices, automatically launching with all copied data. Other users have also reported similar issues.

Attempts to replicate this situation on computers and virtual machines were unsuccessful. With no official comment from Microsoft yet, it remains speculation whether this is an error or a gradual introduction of a new intrusive feature. Nonetheless, Edge is struggling to respect its users’ choices.

In 2023, Microsoft Edge faced criticism when it was revealed that a browser glitch was causing search history to appear in Bing. Users also noticed a feature in Edge that could send all images viewed on the internet to Microsoft.