Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Microsoft continues to improve Picture-in-Picture mode in Chromium Edge browser

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During the test last year, Microsoft brought global media control UI to Microsoft Edge, which can be used to control the browser to play audio and video.

For example, when you use the webpage to listen to songs, the activity tab page is browsing a website. When you want to pause, you need to switch back to the playback page and directly complete it in media control.

This feature is also supported on Google Chrome, which allows users to more conveniently and conveniently pause the playback of audio or video content without looking for tabs.

However, Microsoft is continuing to improve the global media control buttons and introduce picture-in-picture switching, which allows users to play video in picture-in-picture mode without having to be in the video tab.

For example, the currently opened tab page is, and the right tab page is a page with a video, and then click the control button in the upper right corner on the tab.

This will pop up the global media control bar to display the page with audio and video, and then click the picture-in-picture button to make the video module pop up in the lower right corner of the desktop.

The advantage of this feature is that when you open many tabs at the same time if you want to watch videos, you don’t need to find the video page and cut it out directly through the picture-in-picture function.

However, we are more puzzled if there are multiple pages containing video, which page of the picture-in-picture pops up? Interested users can try it for themselves.

If you are using the Chromium Microsoft Canary, you can activate the above features by going to the following experimental options and turning it on and restarting the browser as prompted.


Via: techdows