September 25, 2020

Microsoft Bing Wallpaper app is available for Windows 10 users

1 min read

Users who have used Microsoft Bing search know that Bing will change new wallpapers every day, that is, the main background wallpaper of the search interface is carefully selected by Bing.

The wallpapers provided by Bing Search are not only used on the Bing platform, in fact, Microsoft’s Microsoft Edge browser will also call this background image.

Microsoft will also regularly make the wallpapers provided by Bing Search into a Windows 10 theme package for users to periodically change the system desktop wallpaper after downloading and installing.

However, the production of theme packs is always a time-sensitive issue and has to be manually responsible, so Microsoft thought of an easier way to allow all users to change the wallpaper every day.Download Bing Wallpaper

Microsoft launched an application called Bing Wallpaper yesterday. Microsoft said that the Bing wallpaper contains beautiful pictures from all over the world selected from the Bing search homepage, and you can also click on the pictures to check the image details and original sources.

At the same time, taking into account user preferences, Microsoft also added a wallpaper back function, that is, users do not like the wallpaper of the day, you can click the taskbar icon to return to yesterday’s wallpaper.