Microsoft begins to provide Windows 11 users with deep integration of Microsoft Teams communication tool

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration software developed by Microsoft. Later, Microsoft also provided the software to ordinary consumers for chatting with family and friends.

In Windows 11, Microsoft will deeply integrate Microsoft Teams to facilitate users to initiate sessions at any time without installation.

As an alternative to the Microsoft Skype integrated version has been removed from the system, the next focus of Microsoft is to recommend users to use the Microsoft Teams version.

According to the media reports, the integrated version of Teams can automatically log in to the Microsoft account and then synchronize the user address book from Microsoft Skype and Outlook.

After logging in, the user can either add contacts or chat through individuals or groups, and this only requires the user to click the chat button on the taskbar.

Thanks to the deep integration of Microsoft Teams notifications are all pop-up through Windows 11, that is, using Windows 11’s native notification bar.

When users click on the notification, they can also directly reply to the message in the notification center, or open a complete chat window for more chat functions.

In addition, Microsoft Teams has also been integrated into the Windows 11 sharing menu, so users can quickly share all kinds of content with users through this tool.

Microsoft said that Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated and tailored for Windows 11 and can be used on any device running Windows 11. However, at present, this tool only supports users whose system language is set to American English.

Teams integration in Windows 11 features:

  • Friends and family at your fingertips. When you want to reach out to someone, it’s as simple as clicking the Chat icon in the Taskbar (or WIN + C for the keyboard shortcut fans out there!). At a glance, you’ll see your most recent individual and group conversations and be able to respond or start a new chat or call. Just like the Start menu, you can pop open Chat at any time – it doesn’t matter what other windows you have up – to kick off a communication and it will then dismiss. You can open the full windowed experience by clicking “Open Microsoft Teams” from the Chat flyout or launching it directly from the Start menu or Search.
  • Notifications with inline replies. When others contact you, you’ll receive beautiful, native notifications and even be able to respond directly inline to text chats. You can accept or decline calls directly from the notifications and decide whether you want to pick up as audio-only or with video, too. Notifications will respect the Windows 11 focus assist settings, putting you in control.

  • Add contacts via an email address or phone number. You won’t need to ask your friends and family for any special codes to connect with them. Simply send a message to their email address or phone number and if they’re not already using Teams, they’ll receive your message via email or SMS along with an invitation to join the Teams network if they wish.
  • Automatically sync existing contacts. If you’ve used Skype or Outlook for personal communications with your Microsoft Account in the past, you’ll have the option to sync those contacts to start using them from day one. You can also sync contacts from your mobile device by installing the Teams mobile app and turning on contact sync, further saving you time.
  • Group chat and meeting links. You can easily invite others to a group chat or video call. Just copy the link and send it or share via email no matter if they have Teams installed. They can click the link it to join.