Microsoft began to add performance indicators to the PC Game Pass service

For the update of PC Game Pass, Microsoft will indicate the performance in the game content description, so that players can intuitively understand whether the PC hardware they are using can run the game smoothly.

This function was first tested at the end of last year, and it is currently launched as an official function. Let players have a more intuitive understanding of whether a particular game works smoothly on the PC hardware they use when using the PC Game Pass subscription service.

If the system considers that the PC hardware specification used by the player is insufficient, the player can also refer to the hardware specification requirements indicated in the game, so as to upgrade according to the hardware requirements. On the whole, Microsoft should make statistics through the playing experience of many players, so the system indicates that the game can be played smoothly. It may be in low-resolution picture quality, or the minimum hardware specifications can be used, but at least it can allow players to play in the actual situation. Before downloading the game, you can know whether the PC hardware you are using will perform smoothly, without taking the time to download the game content.

The update also improves the interface navigation and improves the accuracy of game content search, and the search results also show that games are included in the EA Play and Ubisoft Connect services.