Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Microsoft began to launch AI artificial intelligence image search in Photos application

2 min read

New updates to the native photo app in Windows bring AI Artificial Intelligence to help you search for photos in OneDrive. This AI artificial intelligence can scan all the images on OneDrive, AI artificial intelligence according to the category, color, month and even face recognition to sort out the photos.

This updated version is 2017.35063.13610.0, only available to the Preview Ring Windows Inspector for testing. After you apply the update, you’ll add a standard search bar in the top right corner. Clicking on it will start the indexing process on the OneDrive, which may take some time, depending on the number of photos you have, such as 6000 images, the index takes about one second per image, so the whole process takes at least 90 minutes.

After that, AI Artificial Intelligence begins to fill the empty search area, display the photo of the person it has been indexed, and the recommended items and labels to search, such as “art museum”, “bar” or “dance”. Type the color, object type, such as “phone”, “beer”, month, color, etc., will immediately display the index results. Clicking “X” in the search bar will clear the search and return to the regular photo collection.

This is a very high speed and impressive system because the index is stored locally rather than in the cloud. Microsoft is also showing the user-selected AI artificial intelligence recommendation photo collection for the upper area of the mini-gallery. The user simply hovers the mouse over the album and use the “Add to your album” button to quickly save the AI Artificial Intelligence suggestion photo collection.

In general, smart image search should be a popular feature, especially those who have years of photos stored on OneDrive, the AI artificial intelligence participation in the next few months will be introduced to the fall creator updates.