October 25, 2020

Microsoft automatically installs Office PWA applications

1 min read

The Microsoft Office series products currently support PWA, that is, users can install these products as applications.

Usually, when we use the browser to open these PWA-supported webpages, we will prompt them to install. In fact, this is basically the same as using the bookmark function directly.

But Microsoft seems to be quietly starting to install these applications for users. When Microsoft Edge performs an update, these office applications will appear in the installation list.

Some users find that apps are automatically installed after updating their browsers, including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Excel.

These apps are all PWA applications, that is, progressive web applications. When you click the application icon, it will automatically jump to the online version of the Microsoft Office software web page.

The installed app icon will not only appear in the application of the browser but also in the list of installed applications in the start menu and control panel.

As for why Microsoft quietly installs these applications? The media speculate that Microsoft hopes to increase the exposure of office software in this way to promote user use.

Via: techdows