Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Microsoft announces new leader of Windows Insider Program

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Donna Sarkar, who was in charge of the Windows 10 Insider Program, left the role in October 2019, and then the project was temporarily taken over by Panos of the Microsoft product team.

Now that Microsoft has announced the new head of the project, Amanda Langowski is officially appointed, and Amanda will be responsible for coordinating product development and user communication.

Panos said that the total number of users in the Windows 10 Insider Program has reached 18 million, so it is important to choose the right person to lead the community.


Amanda has now joined Microsoft for 20 years. Initially, Amanda was responsible for coordinating beta programs for Windows within Microsoft.

These beta versions include both desktop versions of Windows as well as Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. It can be said that the relevant experience is very rich.

Microsoft believes that the Windows 10 test project is a very important feedback loop mechanism, so it is necessary to hire someone with extensive experience to be the person in charge.

In particular, make new version development plans, distribute beta versions to users worldwide, collect user feedback, work with hardware manufacturers, and advance development work.

Now that Microsoft is focusing more on Windows Core OS, we may see changes in the Windows operating system next.