Microsoft announces more accessibility features for Xbox/PC

From its early days, Microsoft has been ardently committed to crafting accessibility features for the Xbox series of gaming consoles and PC aficionados. The previously launched Xbox Adaptive Controller stands as a testament to their endeavors, having garnered widespread acclaim. Microsoft underscores that with 429 million gamers globally identifying as people with disabilities, there exists an imperative to fashion an environment where all feel welcomed, safeguarded, and included, allowing them to relish the euphoria of gaming.

Every October, Microsoft carves out a moment to engage meaningfully with the community of disabled individuals. This year, they fortified this commitment by unveiling a plethora of updates aimed at championing game development and community fortification, which included:

  • Recognizing Craig Hospital’s Adaptive Gaming Program, which showcases the power of play and importance of making gaming for everyone.
  • Sharing new accessibility features from Team Xbox.
  • Unveiling the Playbook for Accessible Gaming Events, an events guide that shares 12 best practices Xbox has learned partnering with the Gaming & Disability community over the years.
  • Highlighting the Accessibility in Games channel in the Xbox store, that now features hundreds of games and thousands of accessibility tags!
  • Announcing the next chapter of the Xbox Ambassador Accessibility Explorer Path, including new knowledge checks and badges, while recognizing the over 2 million quests completed since its launch in October 2022.
  • Spotlighting some of our favorite accessible games including Sea of Thieves, Age of Empires, and the recently launched Forza Motorsport.
  • And much more!

Microsoft poetically posits that when everyone plays, we all emerge victorious.