Microsoft Announces Free Commercial Licensed Video Material Library for Microsoft 365

Some time ago, Microsoft updated its content library to bring a variety of free commercial images to Microsoft 365 subscribers, and it also supports searching by keywords.

Now Microsoft is continuing to expand its content library to facilitate the use of users, especially with the popularity of videos, more and more users need to use video-like materials.

Therefore, in this update, Microsoft is bringing a variety of free commercial video materials to Microsoft 365, and users can put the video materials in a slide show for presentation.

Microsoft’s content library now includes pictures, videos, stickers, and some design materials. Microsoft expressed the hope that it can help users express their opinions better.

To use this feature, you only need to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft 365, and then click PowerPoint to insert and select the video to browse the material.

This feature supports the Microsoft 365 personal subscription version, home subscription version, and all kinds of enterprise and education version users for free use without paying additional fees. If you can’t find the online video library using PowerPoint, please upgrade the version.

The version that supports this feature is PowerPoint for Windows Version 2012 (Build 13512.20000), macOS and Web version will support it later.

Via: mspoweruser