Microsoft admits that Windows 10 fall creator updates exist bugs

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Windows 10 “Fall Creator Update” was launched on October 17th, as expected, the first batch of users who received the update encountered several bugs, including errors in hiding their applications in the Start menu. In most cases, the application can be started from the Windows Store, but after the user upgrades to the Windows 10 “Fall Creator Update”, some of the applications are no longer displayed in the Start menu and are more difficult to find them on the system.

Microsoft finally admitted that the error and explained that it was investigating the installation of the fall creator to update the application after losing the report, while also providing exclusion steps to restore the application’s article. It is important that the company has not yet clear when to fix this problem, although at some point in the coming months the error may be resolved by accumulating updates.

Microsoft’s tutorials can be done by uninstalling and reinstalling, repairing or resetting lost applications, or re-registering applications using PowerShell. If there is no effect, the user will have two more dramatic options: return to the previous version of Windows 10, or completely reset the system, and restore all settings to their default values.

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