December 5, 2020

Microsoft adjusts the Bing wallpaper appears in the Windows 10 Search

1 min read

While developing new features, Microsoft is also actively adjusting the Windows 10 UI interface. After all, for most ordinary users, whether the user interface looks good is very important.

Judging from the pictures posted by Twitter users, @ALumia_Italia, it seems that Microsoft has integrated the Bing Daily Wallpaper function into the search interface, that is, the interface that pops up when you click the search box in the taskbar.

The search interface used to display recently used files or applications and other items on the first screen. Now Microsoft adds Bing wallpapers to the right of these items.

Therefore, every time the user clicks on the search box, he will see the wallpaper provided by Bing. This wallpaper is provided by Microsoft Bing Search and is usually updated once a day.

At present, this feature is only pushed for some users. This is directly adjusted by Microsoft through the back-end server, so it does not need to be supported through major version updates.

The interesting thing is that no one knows why Microsoft puts Bing wallpapers in the search interface, but if you click on these wallpapers, you will automatically jump to Bing search.

Therefore, some users think that this may also be Microsoft’s way of promoting its own Bing search engine. After all, the market share of Bing search is still far behind Google.