Microsoft adjusts Edge to quiet notification requests for reducing distractions

Since Google Chrome launched the website notification function, many websites have added this function and will pop up a dialog box to ask for permission every time the user opens the website.

This pop-up window is very annoying for users who don’t want to give notification permissions. What’s even more annoying is that spammy websites will use this function to madly push ads.

After being abused, Google Chrome adjusted the notification permissions. By default, only a small bell icon is displayed in the address bar instead of popping up a dialog box for users to click each time.

In recent Microsoft updates, Microsoft Edge based on the Chromium browser also brings similar features to prevent notifications from disturbing users every time.

When a user opens a website, if these websites will send out a notification, a small bell is displayed on the right side of the address bar, and the user can click the small bell to allow or deny it.

Relatively speaking, the visual effect of this small bell will not interfere with the user, and it will have a better experience than the previous pop-up dialog on the left side of the address bar and will not interfere with the user. By default, Microsoft has enabled the quiet notification request mode for all users.

Microsoft provides these users with a flag to return to the old version, just go to the edge://settings/content/notifications and turn on this option.