Microsoft adds GIF emoji packs, Clipboard History, Control Center dark mode to Windows 10X

Some features in the latest Windows 10X emulator image released by Microsoft have not been introduced. This feature is an improved emoticon and symbol panel.

In Windows 10, users can use the shortcut key combination Win + period to open the emoji panel, which provides emoticons and emoticons as well as special characters.

The clipboard history function needs to be called with the shortcut key combination Win + V, and in Windows 10X, the emoji and the clipboard history are merged.

In addition, Microsoft also cooperates with Tenor, a GIF emoticon provider, to provide users with search functions, etc., to provide users with a more convenient way to obtain emoticons.

Below is the default interface of the emoji panel built into Windows 10X. The default interface provides content such as search, emoji, and emoji emoticons.

Finally, the history of the clipboard is very interesting. The history of the clipboard is also one of the very useful functions in Windows 10.

For users who often copy and paste, this function can save the copy history and then use the clipboard history function to find out what was copied before.

In Windows 10X, Microsoft directly merged the history of the clipboard with the emoji panel.

After combining them, it may be more convenient for the user to perform daily input operations. There is no need to use Win + period or Win + V to call up different functions.

Via: @zacbowden