Meta welcomes Apple Vision Pro into the competition

According to The Wall Street Journal, Meta has expressed a warm welcome to Apple’s entry into the AR/VR device market and hopes that the launch of the Apple Vision Pro will further advance its $50 billion investment in building the “Metaverse.”

The Apple Vision Pro is set to officially launch on February 2nd of this year, with pre-orders already underway this month. Pre-sale data indicates that the sales of Apple Vision Pro have exceeded Apple’s expectations. With Meta’s Quest series operating in the AR/VR domain for some time, Meta now sees Apple Vision Pro as a potential competitor. However, the article suggests that Meta aims to become an “Android-like” entity in the AR/VR space. Although the Meta Quest series will face competitive pressure from Apple Vision Pro, the intensifying rivalry is expected to lead to refinements in their products, offering users a unique and comprehensive feature system. Meta also hopes that the arrival of Apple Vision Pro will spur the growth of the Metaverse.


Mark Zuckerberg Vision Pro

Image: Meta

So far, Meta has been a solitary force in the AR/VR industry, with few competitors. Given its extensive experience in this field, the Meta Quest series is likely to draw the attention of potential Apple Vision Pro customers. Mark Zuckerberg believes that Apple’s foray into the AR/VR sector will not only “validate” their product strength but also “attract more consumers” to head-mounted devices, which is beneficial for expanding the user base.

Although the Apple Vision Pro currently boasts impressive sales, the industry’s perception of this new product remains to be seen. Despite its higher price point compared to the Meta Quest series, rumors suggest that Apple is developing a more affordable Mixed Reality device.