Meta confirms to shut down Facebook Podcast service on June 3

The Facebook Podcast service, which launched in late June last year, was earlier confirmed by Meta that it will end on June 3, and it will not be open to creators to upload new content starting this week.
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According to a Bloomberg report, Meta said it ended the Facebook Podcast service, mainly hoping to focus its resources on a more meaningful service experience. In addition to ending the Podcast service, Meta will also remove the content uploaded to the Podcast service by previous creators, and the Live Audio Room, a live sound service launched in response to the Clubhouse boom, will be incorporated into the existing Facebook Live live broadcast function in the future.
The end of the Podcast service this time also symbolizes that Meta is difficult to compete with services such as Spotify in a market based on purely audio content. Meta hopes to focus more resources on short videos and live broadcasts that are currently the main layout, as well as the development of metaverse applications.

In fact, Meta was relatively late to join the competition in the Podcast market, and voice-oriented services were not the strength of Facebook’s platform. Coupled with the subsequent launch of its own voice content-oriented service Space, it also puts the Facebook Podcast service under greater competitive pressure. Therefore, it may finally decide to give up the development of voice-oriented services.