Meta began to let specific creators put NFT works on Facebook to display and sell

After Meta started allowing selected creators to showcase their NFT works on Instagram in May this year. Recently, some content creators began to put NFT works on the Facebook platform.

Prior to this, Meta had actually revealed that it would allow creators to upload NFT works to its various service platforms for display. Therefore, in addition to having previously opened Instagram to upload and display NFT works, it is also currently open to certain creators to display their NFT works on the Facebook platform.

The actual display mode is basically the same as Instagram. In addition to displaying the content of a single work, it can also quickly switch to all portfolio browsing interfaces. It is convenient for users to view, and it also allows users to like, comment, and share like ordinary Facebook posts.

As for the transaction part of NFT works, Meta will also allow Facebook to connect with encrypted wallets such as Ethereum, Polygon, and cryptocurrency transactions such as Solana and Flow that are planned to be added later.

By displaying NFT works through Facebook, Meta is expected to help creators to promote NFT works to more markets, and contact more users, in addition to greatly increasing the visibility of their works, it can also be promoted to more secondary markets for trading.