Meta account paid verification service officially enters the US market

Following the recent announcement of a paid account verification service for Facebook and Instagram, the service has been launched in Australia and New Zealand and has now officially entered the United States market.

Meta’s account verification service is priced at $11.99 per month, with an increased cost of $14.99 per month when applied through Android or iOS platform apps due to the in-app payment revenue-sharing mechanism. Verification methods include government-issued personal identification or business registration documents.

Functionally, Meta’s account verification service primarily offers user identity recognition, as well as personal account protection and more direct account issue resolution for Facebook and Instagram users. Additionally, subscribers receive exclusive stickers for Facebook, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Reels, along with 100 monthly stars to support other Facebook creators.

Moreover, Meta plans to continuously introduce exclusive features to enhance the value of its account verification service.

However, unlike its launch in Australia and New Zealand, visibility on accounts in the United States market will not initially increase as a result of paid verification. Meta has indicated that it will address this issue in subsequent updates.