Memory Upgrade: ASUS Motherboards Now Support 256GB DDR5

In recent years, a significant advancement in consumer motherboards has been the enhanced support for DDR5 memory. This development not only facilitates superior support for high-frequency DDR5 memory but also sees a continual increase in the capacity per module, diversifying the options available. Leading manufacturers such as MSI, ASRock, and Gigabyte have previously announced that their Intel 600/700 series and AMD 600 series motherboards support individual memory modules up to 64GB. Now, ASUS, the foremost motherboard manufacturer, has joined the ranks.

ASUS has announced the release of a new BIOS version, enabling its Intel 600/700 series and AMD 600 series motherboards that support DDR5 memory to accommodate single 64GB memory modules. Consequently, motherboards with four DIMM slots can now reach a maximum memory capacity of 256GB, while those with two DIMM slots can achieve up to 128GB. Notably, motherboards on the AM5 platform do not require a BIOS update to support this feature.

ASUS states that this enhanced functionality significantly boosts the system’s multitasking capabilities, ensuring smooth and seamless computing experiences. This development is particularly beneficial for users of ITX-spec motherboards with only two DIMM slots or those seeking to utilize high-frequency DDR5 memory, fulfilling the demand for high-capacity memory in PC systems.

ASUS has provided a list of motherboard models that now support individual 64GB memory modules, along with the corresponding BIOS versions.

Moreover, the current offerings from various manufacturers for Intel 600/700 series and AMD 600 series motherboards generally support single 24/48GB memory modules, breaking from the tradition of doubling memory capacity in powers of two. This update allows for a maximum memory capacity of 192GB on motherboards with four DIMM slots and 96GB on those with two, offering users a broader range of options.