Memory Makes Magic: SK Hynix Unveils Future Tech at CES 2024

SK Hynix has announced its participation in the world’s largest electronics and IT exhibition, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024), scheduled for January 9-12, 2024, in Las Vegas, USA. At this event, they will showcase their ultrahigh-performance memory technology, which is pivotal in the infrastructure of future AI.

At CES 2024, SK Hynix will focus on presenting a “Memory Centric” vision for future development. They aim to illustrate to the world the growing significance of semiconductor memory in the era of AI technology, while simultaneously demonstrating their global market leadership in this realm. In their “SK Wonderland” themed pavilion, SK Hynix will exhibit key AI memory products, including HBM3E.

HBM3E represents the zenith of memory performance. SK Hynix completed its development in August 2023 and plans to begin mass production in the first half of this year, supplying it to major technology companies in the AI field. In the “Amusement Park” themed section, SK Hynix will showcase the “AI Fortune Teller,” a generative AI technology based on HBM3E products. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience AI-generated personalized cartoon images of their faces combined with New Year fortunes on a card.

Additionally, SK Hynix has prepared the “SK ICT Family Experience Space” to exhibit its AI technology capabilities. This includes a prototype of the Computational Memory Solution (CMS) based on CXL computational integration, and the cost-effective, highly efficient generative AI accelerator card AiMX, based on Processing-In-Memory (PIM) semiconductors.

SK Hynix plans to commercialize 96GB and 128GB DDR5-based CXL 2.0 memory solution products in the second half of this year, aiming to provide these advanced solutions to customers in the AI sector.