Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will provide three display modes

Recently, Insomniac Game’s Chief Technical Officer, Mike Fitzgerald, engaged with the media, unveiling details about the forthcoming “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” including insights into the game’s visual technology.

Fitzgerald articulated that “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” would proffer three distinct display modalities: a 30fps “Visuals” mode, a 60fps “Performance” mode, and a 40fps “high framerate” mode tailored for 120Hz screens, all the while supporting Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). The resolutions for these modes remain ambiguous, yet they are unlikely to be static. Fitzgerald expressed an affinity for dynamic resolutions, noting that the development team has devised a potent temporal anti-aliasing solution with a scalable scope.

Irrespective of the chosen display mode, ray tracing will be integrated, enhancing the environmental verisimilitude. Fitzgerald is of the opinion that such immersion shouldn’t be compromised, aspiring to convey an authentic visual representation so that every gamer perceives a uniform visual splendor. He also divulged that the urban scale within the game has nearly doubled, incorporating two emblematic boroughs: Queens and Brooklyn. Additionally, the game introduces the “Web Wings,” which, when coupled with the iconic web-swinging, enables traversing the city in a novel manner, achieving swifter velocities.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” a sequel to the 2018 release “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” is a culmination of the development team’s five-year endeavor, meticulously optimized for the PlayStation 5 to enhance both visual and auditory experiences. The game is slated for release on October 20, 2023, premiering on the PlayStation 5 platform.