Logitech releases G Cloud cloud gaming handheld

Not long ago, there were rumors that Logitech would launch a cloud game handheld. This peripheral manufacturer has previously announced that it will cooperate with Tencent Games to enter the cloud game market. It may have been ready for a long time, so now Logitech has also officially released this game handheld called G Cloud, which is priced at $349.99 and will be released on October 17th.

Image: logitechg

With the same appearance as the previously released pictures, the Logitech G Cloud has no problem in the shape design, a very standard horizontal version of the handheld design, with buttons with a complete Xbox layout, including dual joysticks, cross keys, ABXY, and two sets of shoulder keys, supports linear triggers, etc., there are ergonomic optimizations on both sides of the fuselage for hand-held, as for the screen is a 7-inch 1080p IPS screen, but only 60Hz refresh rate. The weight of the whole machine is 463g, which is not too light.

Although it is a cloud game console, the G Cloud is actually an Android handheld. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G platform inside, which is already the SoC of some mobile phones from a few years ago, with 4GB memory and 64GB storage. The performance of this configuration itself is more challenging to run a large-scale mobile game, so it really can only hope for cloud games. Logitech said it currently supports Google Play, Xbox Cloud, and NVIDIA GeForce Now.

In addition, the machine also has modern functions such as a gyroscope and linear motor and is equipped with a USB-C 3.1 interface. However, as a cloud game console, it does not support 5G networks, that is, it can only play cloud games in an environment with Wi-Fi.

Logitech’s cloud game console is priced at $349.99, and the first reservation is discounted to $299, which is still not a cheap price because other manufacturers have Android handhelds with higher hardware configurations, which are only around $200.