September 30, 2020

LinuxConsole 2019 releases, modern Linux distribution

1 min read

LinuxConsole is a GNU/Linux operating system, users only need a minimum configuration can make it work. With its customized for children and teens, it supports many Linux versions of the game, “Beta”, preloaded with TORCS and Super TuxKart, an open-source racing game, and LibreOffice with pre-installed office software.

LinuxConsole 2019 released.


  • Kernel 5.4.5 (64 or 32 bits)
  • 865 libraries and programs are in the core module
  • Build for “YourDistroFromScratch 2.7″, with docker
  • Hybrid ISO
  • Parental control tool, for controlling the access time of user accounts.
  • Modular concept
  • Mate desktop 1.22
  • Chromium becomes the default Web browser
  • Wine 4.0.3