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Linux Mint announces that it will give up KDE spin on Linux Mint 19

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Linux Mint project leader Clem Lefebvre in today’s official blog post revealed the future development of the project line. He said Linux Mint 19 will only be on the line Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce flavor version will give up KDE spin desktop branch. However, MDE 18.3 version will still appear KDE desktop.


In the blog post, Lefebvre said:

There are some loyal users of our KDE desktop version in our user community. We also see from their feedback that they really like the KDE environment very much. They can continue in the Linux Mint 19 system based on the installation of KDE environment, and I can confirm that Kubuntu PPA will continue on the line. They can also migrate Mint’s software to Kubuntu, or migrate to pre-release releases such as Arch to follow the KDE environment.

There are three main reasons for the abandonment of the KDE flavor version. First, Lefebvre says that the core of KDE is that the KDE ecosystem and the QT toolset and the Mint system do not have much in common. Second, the project wants to include its own Xapps in the release but has never been released in the KDE desktop environment for a variety of reasons.

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