LineageOS 20 released: Based on Android 13, there are many new features

As one of several prestigious third-party Android ROMs, LineageOS officially announced LineageOS 20, a ROM based on the latest Android 13, on their blog a few days ago.

Developers say they’ve been working on it since Android 13 was announced last October. Due to a large amount of adaptation they made to Google’s new UI on Android 12, coupled with the extremely simple device startup requirements of Android 13, the early efforts and the low threshold in the later period allow developers to develop LineageOS 20 based on Android 13 more efficiently.
At the same time, because it is easier to migrate to Android 13, developers can focus on some more interesting places, such as the camera. For a long time, compared with the official system, most of the third-party ROM cameras have stayed at the level of “usable”. You can take some pictures, but you can’t expect them to perform too well.

In LineageOS 20, developers developed a camera application called Aperture based on the CameraX library provided by Google. Not only can it completely replace the Camera 2 application of LineageOS 19, but it also has many new features:
  • Auxiliary cameras support (device maintainers must enable it)
  • Video frame rate controls
  • Full control of EIS (electronic image stabilization) and OIS (optical image stabilization) settings
  • A leveler to check the device orientation angle
Meanwhile, the developers say that as the app is still under development, it is possible that more features will come in the future.

In addition, LineageOS 20 also brings dozens of bug fixes and feature updates, such as a reworked volume control panel, an ad-free desktop for Android TV, a new setup wizard, and more. In general, there are quite a lot of things brought about by this major version update. If you have a mobile phone that supports the installation of LineageOS 20 and you happen to be interested in it, you may wish to download and experience it.