LG is testing 8.5-generation OLED deposition technology

The Elec reported that LG has been testing the deposition technology of 8.5-generation OLED panels since December last year, in preparation for future use on Apple’s MacBook and iPad.

The 8.5th generation substrate (2200x2500mm) is much larger than the current 6th generation, so even a panel the size of a MacBook screen can be cut out in a more economical way. The Elec also said that the first MacBook using an OLED panel is tentatively scheduled to meet you in 2025. LG will also provide corresponding panels for the first OLED iPads, but these smaller panels will be produced in the current 6th generation, and the OLED iPad will also be put on the market earlier than the OLED MacBook.

In addition to LG, it is reported that Samsung is also working on the 8.5-generation substrate, and may put the 8.5-generation OLED panel into the market earlier than LG. After all, Samsung can use its huge product line to implement these panels for large-scale testing. Samsung is still developing its own double-layer OLED technology, and LG’s 8.5-generation line test will be completed as soon as this year. So LG may grab Apple’s orders for OLED screens for larger devices, just as Samsung currently accounts for the bulk of OLED iPhone orders.