LG announces new material technologies Real Folding Window

LG recently announced that they have successfully developed a cover material that can be applied to folding screens, called “Real Folding Window”, whose hardness is comparable to glass but will not have any cracking problems.

For those foldable phones before this, the foldable glass screens they used actually relied on a pre-applied plastic protective layer to prevent the glass from breaking when folded. The new materials released by LG this time can theoretically bypass the glass completely, allowing the plastic protective layer to be directly covered on the display panel.

LG Real Folding Window

LG did not give too much introduction to this new material but mentioned that this “Real Folding Window” uses a new material to be applied to both sides of the PET film. LG said that this can make the price of the folding screen more competitive.

According to LG’s official description, the PET film with the new coating can be used on tablet computers, notebooks, and mobile phones with scrolling screens. LG also said that the new type of coating supported by the PET film can effectively reduce the creases on the folded part.

However, the new materials released by LG this time may not be practically applied until at least 2023, and it is not known what advantages and disadvantages this technology will have in terms of light transmittance compared with real glass.