October 24, 2020

Lenovo sells desktop computers with Ubuntu pre-installed to the masses

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Lenovo and the Linux community have cooperated more and more frequently. Following the launch of pre-installed Ubuntu and Fedora laptops, Ubuntu parent company, Canonical, and Lenovo recently announced that they will sell desktop computers and laptops pre-installed with Ubuntu to the general public.

Previously, desktop computers pre-installed with Ubuntu were only provided by Lenovo for enterprise customization. Now desktop computers pre-installed with Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 18.04 will be sold to the public for the first time. The models offered for the first time include ThinkStation desktop computers, and the models offered this time include 13 ThinkStation and ThinkPad P-series workstations, and 14 different ThinkPad T/X/X1/L notebook computers, and the processor can be AMD or Intel.

Image: Lenovo

Note that some models may be limited to specific markets for sale, and plans to promote in stages from now to 2021.

“Lenovo’s vision of enabling smarter technology for all really does mean ‘for all’. Our announcement of device certification in June was a step in the right direction to enable customers to more easily install Linux on their own. Our goal is to remove the complexity and provide the Linux community with the premium experience that our customers know us for. This is why we have taken this next step to offer Linux-ready devices right out of the box,” said Igor Bergman, Vice President of PCSD Software & Cloud at Lenovo.