Lenovo launches new Yoga Book 9i laptop: full-sized dual-screen OLED laptop

In recent years, dual-screen laptops have gradually entered the eyes of consumers. Manufacturers such as ASUS and Lenovo have launched related products. However, the current dual-screen laptops are basically designed as the main and secondary screens, that is, the larger screen is the main screen, and the smaller screen acts as the secondary screen. Lenovo released the Yoga Book 9i at CES 2023 this time, which uses two 13-inch OLED screens. Users can combine the two screens or display different content separately.

Yoga Book 9i replaces the entire C-side of a traditional laptop with an OLED screen. Combined with the laptop hinge, you can get a similar folding screen experience. The laptop shaft is also designed with a speaker, the sound is not easy to be blocked.

Yoga Book 9i has passed the Intel EVO certification, and the dual-screen simultaneous video playback can last up to 10 hours, and the single-screen video playback can last up to 14 hours. The laptop is equipped with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, stylus, and screen stand, through which users can place the laptop horizontally or vertically.
In terms of configuration, the Yoga Book 9i is equipped with Intel’s latest U15 low-voltage series processors. The memory can be configured up to 16GB, and the capacity of the solid-state hard drive can be selected up to 1TB. It has three Type-C ports.
Lenovo says the Yoga Book 9i will be available this summer.