Laptop battery equipped with Windows 11 can charge up to 115%, of course this is fake

As a new operating system, some minor problems are normal, so Windows 11 was discovered by netizens all over the world during this period of strange and weird problems.

For example, a Redditor named GlitchyDragon65 has posted a screenshot of his desktop on the Windows 11 subreddit with the battery’s fully chargeable capacity being shown as 115%.

Of course, the remaining battery power cannot exceed 100%, so this is also a Windows 11 system problem. Microsoft said that it has been paying attention to the source of the problem.

Image: Zondax (Reddit)

A screenshot released by a Redditor named GlitchyDragon65 shows that the battery indicator of Windows 11 shows a battery level of 115%. The laptop is running the latest development version of Windows 11.

There are also netizens in the same situation. The battery level displayed by the system is charged to 103%, and the battery level is still increasing. At the highest level, the battery level reaches 104%.

This strange problem has attracted the attention of many netizens. All two netizens who reported this problem received thousands of likes and a large number of netizens posted comments.

Microsoft engineer Jennifer also noticed these posts while visiting the Reddit forum. Jennifer said that Microsoft is aware of this issue and engineers are investigating.

Jennifer said that Microsoft has received a large number of users’ feedback on this issue and that this is not a newly added issue in the latest Windows 11 development version. This is also the case in the old Windows 11 development version.

Via: Neowin