Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

The Korean government plans to migrate from Windows 7 to Linux

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Microsoft will officially end the extended support of the Windows 7 system on January 14, 2020, when the system will end its life cycle and no longer be updated. At present, many government agencies and enterprises that use the system are also moving. Of course, most government agencies and enterprises choose Windows 10 systems. However, the Korean government department does not seem to be prepared to continue using the operating system provided by Microsoft. The government department has already started testing the migration operating system in advance.

Linux Kernel 4.18

The South Korean government’s decision to do so has a lot to do with Microsoft’s end of support for Windows 7 next year, and they worry that the maintenance costs of continuing to use Windows 7 are too high. The Korean Ministry of the Interior said that the move to Linux and the purchase of new PCs are expected to cost 780 billion won (about 655 million US dollars). Of course, the South Korean government will conduct relevant assessments before adopting Linux. The South Korean government said it will test whether Linux can run on private network devices without security problems and whether it is compatible with existing websites and software built for Windows.

The report does not mention which Linux distribution the Korean government will specifically adopt, but only hopes to reduce costs by introducing an open source operating system and avoid relying on a single operating system.

In fact, the migration of government agencies from Windows to Linux is nothing new. The Munich government in Germany used to use Linux instead of Windows, but Windows has proven to be more suitable.

Via: koreaherald