Kodi Foundation joins Linux Foundation to help develop the open source movement

Uber Linux Foundation

The Kodi Foundation announced its participation in the Linux Foundation to help other open source projects grow and enrich the ecosystem of open source software.

The Kodi Foundation, the manufacturer of the free and open source cross-platform media center software Kodi (formerly XBMC), is now an associate member of the Linux Foundation. It is ready to contribute code to the open source software community to help develop similar projects. The Kodi Foundation official said it firmly believes in the benefits of open source software, and it is natural to join the Linux Foundation.

Uber Linux Foundation

“It seemed natural for us to join, given the fact that we are strong believers in the benefits of open-source software. We strongly believe that open-source is the best way to achieve awesome things. That was and still is what moves Kodi forward.”

The Kodi Foundation believes that the addition of the Linux Foundation will allow them to truly innovate in the work of other open source projects. If the code base is closed or is stifled by the vision of the enterprise and the resources allocated, this innovation will not be possible.

Open source is a story that happens every day. One person shared some code thinking, and a few days later, people around the world sent to fix bug fixes or suggestions for improvement. The Kodi Foundation says that when people collaborate and share, collaborative projects and communities will always benefit.

As a non-profit alliance, the Linux Foundation helps the growth and development of Linux and open source ecosystems by providing resources in finance and knowledge support, IT infrastructure and services, training and certification. The Kodi Foundation is also a non-profit technology alliance focused on developing Kodi open source media player applications.