KDE Plasma 5.15 releases

KDE Plasma 5.15

The KDE team today released KDE Plasma 5.15, introducing many new features and improvements to this popular GNU/Linux graphical desktop environment. After six months of development, the Plasma 5.15 desktop environment has undergone many improvements, including a new configuration interface, new options for complex network configurations, redesigned icons, improved third-party technology and application integration, and a greatly improved Discover, Plasma’s software and add-on installer.


New in Plasma 5.15

Plasma Widgets
  • Bluetooth devices now show their battery status in the power widget. Note that this cutting-edge feature requires the latest versions of the upower and bluez packages.
  • It is now possible to download and install new wallpaper plugins straight from the wallpaper configuration dialog.
  • Filenames on desktop icons now have enough horizontal space to be legible even when their icons are tiny, and are easier to read when the wallpaper is very light-colored or visually busy.
  • Visually impaired users can now read the icons on the desktop thanks to the newly-implemented screen reader support for desktop icons.
  • The Notes widget now has a “Transparent with light text” theme theme.
  • It is now possible to configure whether scrolling over the virtual desktop Pager widget will “wrap around” when reaching the end of the virtual desktop list.
  • The padding and appearance of notification pop-ups have been improved.
  • KRunner has received several usability improvements. It now handles duplicates much better, no longer showing duplicate bookmarks from Firefox or duplicate entries when the same file is available in multiple categories. Additionally, the layout of the standalone search widget now matches KRunner’s appearance.
  • The Devices Notifier is now much smarter. When it is configured to display all disks instead of just removable ones, it will recognize when you try to unmount the root partition and prevent you from doing so.