KB4541335 for Windows 10 v1903/1909 fails to install and causes system crash

Earlier, Microsoft introduced the Class D, KB4541335 update to Windows 10 v1903/1909. This update is beta and not a stable update.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, most users will not automatically install this update. Only when users manually check the update button will they receive the update push and install it automatically.

Since it is a test update, it is not surprising that there are certain faults. For example, this update has been found to cause problems such as system crashes.

Windows 10 cumulative update cannot be installed normally is actually a very common problem, whether it is stable or beta version, there is a high probability of abnormal installation.

After the KB4541335 update was launched, the installation error problem reappeared. At present, many users have reported that this update installation has a 0x800f0831 error code.


Of course, if ordinary users encounter this kind of problem, they can click to pause the update and do not try to install it again. Anyway, this is a beta update and there is no need to install it.

On Twitter, many netizens also experienced a system crash when installing this update. Although the system did not have a blue screen of death, it was directly stuck and could not perform any direct operations.

Some netizens said that the mouse started to freeze when the installation progress reached 74%. At this time, opening other software may directly circle and the software can no longer be operated.

Via: windowslatest