January 2023 Steam Hardware & Software Survey: Window 11 market share breaks through 30%

Recently, Valve released the results of the Steam hardware survey for January 2023. The latest report shows that the share of GeForce GTX 1650 increased slightly by 0.06% to 6.27%, ranking first in the graphics card share list for three consecutive months; GeForce GTX 1060 is still close behind, its share dropped 0.37% to 5.28%.

The share of GeForce RTX 3060 on the laptop side increased by 0.44% to 4.47%, and the ranking rose from the previous fifth place to third place. The share of GeForce RTX 2060 decreased by 0.28% to 4.37%, down one position from last month, ranking fourth. The share of GeForce GTX 1050 Ti dropped 0.06% to 4.35%, slipping one place and ranking fifth.

AMD integrated graphics ranked thirteenth, its share increased by 0.08% to 2.05%. The highest-ranking AMD independent display is Radeon RX 580, with a share of 1.17%, a slight increase of 0.01% compared to last month. The reason why the share of RX 580 can even increase slightly should be that a large number of mining cards of this type have flowed into the market again.

In the latest statistics, 67.13% of PC-side Steam users choose Intel processors, a decrease of 0.68% compared to December last year; 32.84% of PC-side Steam users use AMD processors. The share ratio of the two processors is very close to the situation in November 2022. The share of six-core processors decreased by 0.96% from the previous month to 33.01%; the share of quad-core processors also decreased by 0.25% to 29.59%. The share of ten-core and fourteen-core processors has increased to varying degrees driven by Intel’s 12th and 13th-generation Core processors.

In terms of operating systems, although Windows 10 64-bit still firmly occupies the first place, its share decreased by 1.95% to 66.09%; the market share of Windows 11 exceeded 30% for the first time, up 2.03% to 31.59%. The share of Windows 11 broke through 20% for the first time in May last year. Nine months later, the market share broke through 30%. With the continuous update of the system, many minor problems have also been solved, and it is expected that the upward trend of the market share will continue.