Is Apple reintroducing the 12-inch MacBook?

Apple launched the 12-inch MacBook in 2015. It adopts a very thin and light design, weighing only 0.92 kg. It is Apple’s first fanless MacBook product equipped with a USB-C port and a butterfly keyboard. However, users did not pay much attention to it, and after only a few years, Apple announced the discontinuation of this series of products in 2019. Although the configuration has been upgraded, there is basically no change in the design.

Recently, a new rumor on the Korean blog platform Naver from leaker “yeux1122” claims that Apple intends to re-launch the 12-inch MacBook recently. It is still under evaluation at this stage, and whether it will be listed in the end has not yet been determined.
M1 MacBook screensaver
The account has also shared Apple news in the past, but the accuracy rate is not high and the credibility is limited, so the return of the 12-inch MacBook has yet to be confirmed. Some analysts who are familiar with Apple’s business said that they have not heard of Apple’s plans for any new 12-inch MacBook models, and expressed doubts about Apple’s continued launch of MacBook products with specifications below 13 inches.

Since 2020, Apple’s self-developed chips have begun to gradually replace Intel’s x86 processors. If there is a new 12-inch MacBook, it will obviously be equipped with M-series self-developed chips. At the same time, it is not a big problem to continue the fanless design, such as the MacBook Air originally equipped with the M1 chip. The 12-inch MacBook is not without market. The thinner and lighter design is more convenient for carrying. It is a good choice for users who only need light office work.