iPhone users complain that iOS 11 will reduce application performance

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Apple is launching iOS 11 operating system, after updating to iOS 11, some iPhone users reported a significant decline in performance. According to Reddit’s many user feedback, the problem range from battery life to application performance significantly reduced. There are also users complaining that the application takes a long time to load, or simply crash.

These users said that since the upgrade, start the application is absolutely annoying. Safari, Reddit, ESPN, Yahoo, SMS, etc. need to wait 1 minute to load to open, or simply crash back to the desktop. Before upgrading, iPhone 7 Plus did not encounter any problems. In addition, through the notice to open Snapchat, the function is not normal, music applications also encountered a crash, and some users iPhone need to restart several times a week. The battery life is also shorter after the upgrade.


Many users also mentioned that it was difficult to use the control center on the lock screen, including errors in changing the song or adjusting the volume, and that these problems did not seem to affect all users, and some reported that their iPhone was updating To iOS 11, the function is very good.

If you have already installed the update and have encountered the above problem, the best way is to wait for Apple to post a new patch to fix the problem above.

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