iPhone 15 Pro Max is rumored to be exclusively equipped with a periscope lens that supports 6x optical zoom

Last month, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a periscopic lens capable of achieving 5 to 6 times optical zoom for its rear camera. In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro series supports up to 3 times optical zoom (3 times magnification, 2 times reduction, 6 times range, 15 times digital zoom).

Optical zoom has the advantage of retaining image clarity during magnification, unlike digital zoom, which often results in significant blurriness.

iPhone 15 Pro Max periscope lens

Today, another leaker, @URedditor, independently corroborated the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 6 times optical zoom capabilities. This information, obtained from another separate source, reinforces Guo’s claim and essentially confirms the inclusion of 6 times optical zoom.

However, this feature will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as the iPhone 15 Pro and other iPhone 15 variants will not possess 6 times optical zoom.

Periscopic lenses allow for the bending and folding of light as it reaches the image sensor, enabling greater component spacing within compact camera modules. This technology increases the optical zoom factor and has been adopted by companies like Samsung, Google, and Huawei. For instance, the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offer 5 to 10 times optical zoom.

At present, these companies only provide higher optical zoom magnifications in their top-tier models. However, as technology advances, it is anticipated that upcoming devices will gradually incorporate periscopic lenses.

Via: macrumors