iPhone 13 still doesn’t show the battery percentage

In recent years, smartphone manufacturers have pursued the so-called full-screen display. As a result, the top of the phone still has an area reserved for installing modules such as cameras, sensors, and earpieces.

In particular, because Apple’s notch module occupies a part of the area, Apple removes the battery power percentage of these devices and cannot be directly displayed on the screen of the phone.

For users, if they want to check the remaining battery power of the mobile phone, they need to pull down the control area. At the top of the control area, the operator information and the percentage of the remaining battery power will be fully displayed.

In the iPhone 13 series, Apple has reduced the size of the notch module. According to Apple, the notch area of ​​the iPhone 13 has been reduced by 20% compared with the previous version. So, can the battery percentage be displayed directly?

The answer is no. According to the test of XCode 13 by Twitter user @AppleSWUpdates, the iPhone 13 still has no battery percentage in the simulator.

The emulator shows the reduced notch module to increase the space on both sides significantly. If you need to display the remaining battery percentage plus the battery icon, it is more than enough.

The bad news is that Apple may no longer provide users with the battery percentage function. After all, the iPhone series models do not display the percentage by default.