Honor and Microsoft announced the expansion of the partnership

Terminal equipment manufacturer Honor and Microsoft recently announced an expansion of their partnership. This strategic cooperation mainly involves cloud computing, personal and mobile terminal devices.

For example, Honor will use the voice and translation services provided by Microsoft Cloud in its smartphone assistants, and Honor will release laptops equipped with Windows 11.

In the future, Honor will cooperate with Microsoft to improve the experience on smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart screens, smartwatches, headsets, and other terminal devices.

The Honor MagicBook V14 will also be one of the first laptops equipped with a Windows 11 system. Honor will hold a press conference at the end of this month to announce these new products.

Honor Microsoft partnership

Image credit: Honor

Previously, due to US sanctions on Huawei, the Honor series of devices were subject to various restrictions. After being completely separated from Huawei, Honor can now cooperate with partners again.

For example, Honor can now repurchase various chips and carry Microsoft’s operating system, and at the same time, Honor is currently seeking globalization to gain more markets.

Based on this, Honor announced the expansion of its cooperative relationship with Microsoft. Honor will use Microsoft cloud computing services to enrich the terminal device experience and provide basic setting support.

Chairman and CEO of Microsoft GCR Dr. Hou Yang said: “With the rise of hybrid work and ambient intelligence, customers expect more convenience, security, and better interaction from their mobile computing devices, systems, and applications, for both work and home. Microsoft hopes to accelerate the integrated development of software and hardware intelligence by continuously deepening and expanding our strategic cooperation with Honor, to bring richer experiences to end-users.”

Honor and Microsoft continue to strengthen strategic cooperation to develop solutions that integrate different hardware technologies for different user scenarios to provide users with a better experience.

Honor is confident that after working hand in hand with Microsoft, it can establish the interconnection of the terminal and the full-scene ecosystem, creating a new intelligent world for everyone.

Via: techradar