iOS 18 and macOS to Feature New Design, AI Advancements

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has indicated that Apple is currently undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of the iOS and macOS operating systems, anticipating that iOS 18 and the forthcoming version of macOS will boast a radically new design aesthetic. Reports suggest that Apple’s next iterations of iOS and macOS will introduce a novel design ethos, with an expectation of integrating a greater array of artificial intelligence technologies.

Before this, Gurman had revealed that iOS 18 could potentially represent the most significant software update in iPhone history. Further commentary has elucidated that Apple is setting a considerable focus on this operational system update this year, with expectations of witnessing conspicuous changes in the new iOS 18 version as early as the WWDC 2024.

iOS 17 support

However, the changes in the user interface of iOS 18 may not be as stark as those between iOS 16 and iOS 17, but a more substantial transformation in app usage is anticipated. Particularly, following the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which permits iPhone users within the EU to download a wider array of apps through third-party app markets, this could further influence subsequent App Store usage models.

Moreover, iOS 18 is expected to incorporate an expanded suite of artificial intelligence application services. Numerous reports are suggesting that Apple has commenced the development of generative artificial intelligence technologies, hence iOS 18 is poised to feature a more integrated application of artificial intelligence technologies.

As for updates to the macOS operating system, significant changes may not be imminent and could be deferred until 2025 or 2026.