InWin released the new A3 & A5 chassis, and the Mercury AM120S fan

InWin announced the launch of new A-series chassis, including A3 and A5, corresponding to micro-ATX and E-ATX specifications respectively. According to InWin, the new A-series will feature minimalist and modern popular design elements to maximize support for larger hardware while maintaining a minimal footprint.

The new chassis adopts a black appearance, with scenery stripes and logos, showing a unique taste. Its tinted tempered glass side panels feature a screwless quick-release design, allowing users to easily replace internal hardware. At the same time, there are ventilation holes on the top, rear, and bottom, and the bottom has a removable filter for easy cleaning.

The A3 and A5 chassis can support graphics cards up to 340mm, ATX power supplies up to 200mm, and provide multiple 2.5/3.5-inch storage spaces. It can install up to five fans from top to bottom, bringing enough heat dissipation, and a 240mm integrated water cooling can be installed on the top of the chassis. In addition to providing a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A interface and a 3.5mm jack, InWin is also equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C interface with a transfer speed of 20 Gbps.
InWin Mercury AM120S

InWin has equipped the A3 and A5 chassis with a brand new ultra-thin Mercury AM120S PWM fan as standard, with an overall size of 120mm x 120mm x 20mm, with ARGB lighting effects. The one-piece fan blade design makes the airflow more concentrated, and the unique turbine blade can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance. In addition to being compatible with motherboard control software, 14 lighting modes are also available through InWin’s ARGB One-Click controller.

The speed of the Mercury AM120S PWM fan is between 400~2000±10% RPM, the air volume is up to 60.71 CFM, and the air pressure is up to 2.72 mmH2O, the service life is more than 60,000 hours, and the noise is between 17~29 dB(A). In addition, multiple Mercury AM120S fans can be connected together using InWin’s “Lock-N-Go” extension cable for more practical and friendly cable management.