InWin Launches its Neptune AN, DN and DN PRO Series of Silent Fans

InWin has unveiled its Neptune series, a collection of professional, noise-reducing fans. This lineup encompasses three distinct designs: the ARGB lit AN120/140, a non-illuminated version with black fan blades and frames known as the DN120/140, and the pro-grade silent DN120/140 PRO, characterized by its integrally-molded turbine fan frame, optimizing airflow concentration and minimizing noise. These fans can either be fitted within cases or paired with water cooling systems.

InWin highlights that the distinctive design of the DN120/140 PRO ensures it delivers superior performance while maintaining a subdued noise level, complemented by an impressive six-year warranty. It boasts a custom metallic magnetic frame, complemented by the high-efficiency FDB bearing and a copper central tube. Internally, a three-phase six-pole motor powers the fan, offering a static pressure of 2.95 mm/H2O (for DN140 PRO) and an airflow of 91.66 CFM (for DN140 PRO), with the operating noise being a mere 20.3 dBA (for DN120 PRO). With precise control of the PWM control IC, the noise is limited to just 17.2 dBA at 900 RPM (for DN120 PRO). Moreover, the fan is adorned with a 50cm nylon-braided wire, ensuring not just aesthetics but also versatility in positioning within the case.

The ARGB lit AN120/140 can be connected via a 3Pin 5V header to the motherboard, allowing synchronized lighting operations through the controlling software. It employs InWin’s modular “Lock-N-Go” snap design, ensuring robustness and a streamlined installation process. Both versions will be available as a set of three fans. The standard DN120/140, available in two sizes, offers performance akin to the ARGB-lit AN120/140, making it an ideal choice for understated system builds.

Pricing for these products, as well as their specific release dates, remain as yet undisclosed.