Intel’s future integrated graphics roadmap leaks

Intel had previously confirmed that they were developing a variant of the Xe architecture called LPG for integrated graphics. Unlike the HPG used for discrete graphics, the LPG architecture used for integrated graphics is optimized for low power consumption, making it better suited for GPU chips in the Foveros package processors of the future.

Twitter user @harukaze5719 discovered a profile of an Intel GPU engineer on LinkedIn, which showed that Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake will use the Xe-LPG architecture for integrated graphics, while Lunar Lake will use the Xe2-LPG architecture, which is homologous to the Xe2-HPG of the Battlemage GPU. The next-generation Panther Lake will use the Xe3-LPG architecture for integrated graphics, which is homologous to the Xe3-HPG of the Celestial GPU. Interestingly, the Panther Lake codename is the first time it has been mentioned, and is expected to be released between 2025 and 2026 as the successor to Lunar Lake.

In fact, Intel had previously released a product roadmap for its Core processors and Arc graphics cards, showing that the Arc Tile GPU would be a part of future Core processors. However, what wasn’t mentioned in the presentation was that the integrated graphics in the Core processors would be one generation behind the discrete graphics.

Of course, this news has not been confirmed, and there is still some time before the products are officially released. Intel will certainly adjust its product lineup based on actual circumstances, especially since the flexibility of the Core processors will greatly increase with the use of the Foveros package in the next generation. Choosing which architecture of CPU to match with what architecture of GPU can be changed simply by switching the chip. However, the progress of the Meteor Lake desktop products may not be smooth, and they may be canceled at any time.