Intel will publish COMPUTEX Keynote on 5/31: Revealing Innovation

This year’s COMPUTEX will still be held online, and as in the past, major manufacturers will take this opportunity to release their own new products. It has been confirmed that both NVIDIA and AMD will deliver keynote speeches at this exhibition. What new things will be brought is temporarily unknown, and the opening keynote speech of the Taipei International Information Technology Show will be led by Intel. Intel Executive Vice President Michelle Johnston Holthaus will give a speech with the theme “innovation unleashed”.

The opening time of Intel’s COMPUTEX will be from 10:00 to 10:30 on May 31. Intel will explain the strategy of the new CEO Pat Gelsinger and explain how the rapidly accelerating digital transformation can shape a new era of innovation, also will share how Intel innovation helps expand the potential of people by expanding the potential of technology. This includes working with business partners to promote the innovation of the entire technology ecosystem from data centers and clouds to networks, artificial intelligence, and AI edge computing.

In addition, Nash Palaniswamy, vice president of Intel’s business marketing and public relations business group and general manager of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and data center accelerator solutions, and business general manager will also hold another AIoT-related keynote speech at the COMPUTEX Taipei. This keynote mainly talks about how AI and high-performance computing affect people, as well as the problems faced by localities and society. The time is from 10:00 to 10:30 on June 2nd.