Intel talks about the high price of DDR5 memory and the issue of out-of-stock

DDR5 standard memory is gradually being introduced to the market. Some new motherboards purchased by consumers already support DDR5 memory to provide better frequencies.

However, for now, such new memory modules are not only relatively expensive but also have out-of-stock problems. Of course, out-of-stock is also an important reason for higher prices.

This situation also causes consumers to pay a higher price for memory sticks when buying new motherboards, so the whole hardware price is much more expensive than the old version.

Intel’s engineering manager said in an interview a few days ago that the current price of DDR5 memory is inevitable, so Intel provides consumers with different choices.


Intel’s approach is that its chipset supports both DDR5 memory sticks and DDR4 memory sticks, which means that the motherboard, CPU, and memory sticks are not bound.

If the OEM manufacturer is willing, the motherboard of the same model can be launched in different versions to meet the needs of consumers, that is, consumers can also choose according to their needs.

Intel believes that it has done its best because it is inevitable that new technologies will have high prices during the transition period, especially since the current semiconductor industry is still facing shortages.

Therefore, motherboard manufacturers should also consider the version that supports DDR4 when launching low-end motherboards. However, it is not wise for users to choose the old version.