Intel supersampling method is closer to DLSS

Intel announced a new high-performance graphics product brand Intel Arc last night, and the upcoming release is the Alchemist graphics card based on the Xe HPG micro-architecture. If there are no surprises, it will be announced at CES next year, and then it will be sold in the first quarter. From the pictures posted on the official website, Intel’s graphics cards will include mobile and desktop versions, as well as pictures of two GPUs. The smaller one may be DG2-128EU, and the larger one may be DG2-512EU.

When the Acr brand was released last night, it was mentioned that the first generation of Intel Arc products will support hardware-based ray tracing and AI-based supersampling methods, providing full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate. The supersampling method is actually similar to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR technology. Since Intel mentioned that it is based on AI, it should be closer to NVIDIA DLSS.

We currently don’t know anything about Intel’s supersampling technology. Intel vice president of graphics research Anton Kaplanyan mentioned that Intel will announce it later this week when replying to related questions on Twitter. No surprise, he should be referring to the Intel Architecture Day event that will be held this week.